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When you buy a home, you spend an hour or more signing what seems like an endless stack of documents. These documents include your purchasing agreement, a home inspection report, and a host of other legal papers that once signed, make the home yours.

Aurora - You do not need to trade affordability for livability

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid escalation of housing prices in a small number of Canada’s cities in GTA.  Toronto and some of these cities have become more and more unaffordable for many to own a home.

But there is more to Canada than unaffordable cities.

7 Closet Organization Ideas

If trying to find the perfect outfit or a matching handbag in your closet is an inefficient or even overwhelming task, you might need a closet makeover. A neat and well-organized closet is not only more functional, but can also be an attractive and stylish extension of your home. Follow these 7 tips to get the most out of your closet, no matter what size it is.



春天的到来,也是卖家在开始卖房的时候。  在此,跟大家分享4点实用的提示,有助于快速出售您的房屋!


优秀的团队,它会在不可能的时候,将一群人或公司,牢牢维系在一起。  就算整个世界都在对付你的时候,或者在什么事情都跟你相反时,一个好的团队,却能形成紧密的纽带,帮助你在困难时期保持士气。优秀的团队知道如何建立在彼此的优势之上,并弥补各自的不足。

What kind of property is most worth buying?

There are many properties in the market.  What you regard to be great may not be good property for another.  However, every buyer has one thing in common, they want a good deal on their real estate purchase.   Whether the property is a good purchase can be determined by its values.   

There are 3 major types of values:

1) Self-occupation Value

What home buyers and sellers need to know about Toronto real estate assignments

An assignment of contract occurs when one party to an existing contract (the "assignor") hands off the contract's obligations and benefits to another party (the "assignee")..  What is an assignment sale in real estate?

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